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myAudience-Count is a camera-based client-server people counting product developed by Rhonda Software company

Particularly speaking, myAudience-Count is an indoor hardware-based software solution running on a common PC platform with USB or IP camera attached. It requires dedicated PC box and permanent Internet connection to enforce license status and synchronize data with central Reports Portal. Please note that the only software part of myAudience-Count is provided by Rhonda Software. Hardware part (PC box + camera) is to be purchased and setup by a customer independently, in accordance with our recommendations.


USB or IP camera of myAudience-Count must be mounted vertically (for example at a ceiling) at the height not less than 3 meters from the floor, to cover beneath area with people passing by. The minimum and maximum sizes of covered area greatly depend on a camera model, its settings and lens being used. Camera can be setup through the embedded web-server. To increase a field of view furthermore and to cover bigger area we recommend to use a wide-angle lens and/or mount a camera higher. myAudience-Count is not intended to count people just staying or hanging around (without particular direction) within a camera's field of view. Instead, myAudience-Count leverages line-crossing objects counting technique specially designed for measuring bi-directional traffic, so a camera must be placed over a doorway or similar narrow passage where people move back and/or forth (in and/or out) only. myAudience-Count counts people for both directions separately every time they cross a virtual horizontal line which location and size within a camera's frame can be customized through the embedded web-server in accordance with particular conditions. myAudience-Count periodically sends statistical data to the central Reports Portal, so they become available for an authorized user in the form of time-based metrics represented as the graphic diagrams.

Privacy is strictly protected - no personal images are captured, only statistical information is stored.